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Hey everybody, my name as you all should know by now is Mr. Ramnarine, but most of you can call me or should call me sir. This site was built to help you my students through the course and to enable them to also understand the new technology and how it affects the way which our work is done in class. In case anyone is curious about my qualifications, i started off just like you guys at the basic level and then worked my way through the A+ certification exam, Network Exam and currently pursuing my BSc in Computing and Information Systems. I have been in the field for approximately 5 years and have been teaching for about 4.I intend to pursue a career in consultation in the information technology field.

As for the field its a very demanding one, not only on your time but also on your processor/brain. It entails hours of reading and research and not to mention the majority of your time being spent behind a computers screen. But the benefits are worht it.

Notes and Hints

Okay people the highly anticipated notes and hints for exams are here, all you have to do is to follow the link :


Some systems/monsters I've created.

This one took some time to build but in the end it was worth it. Just look at her, the owner called her Black Beauty.

Links to some Awesome Sites



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Quote Of The Week

When in doubt think Linux

my reaction when my hard drive crashed

This was early in my career and i was just learning about backing up and stuff, when out of nowhere a virus infected my system. The pic above was my first reaction

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